Fountain Hacks by Portugese studio LIKEarchitects and fashion designer Ricardo Dourado

"Unexpected pertinence: Extending the current notions of public space, the inhabitants of Guimarães are invited to take the maximum profit of these (waterful) mo(nu)ments. The concept is to promote an occupation of the water public spaces by redefining city’s physical limits and deleting the social predefined boundaries. This project is not about beauty, but reinvention - it is about fountain-use upgrade design.

Low-tech, maximum effect: Quick and simple to implement, low-tech urban hacks shows city-users they must be part of the city urban planning, calling for a use of public space where hacking becomes an energetic, optimistic design approach. Fountain Hacks promotes places to enjoy and refresh: put your feet into the water as you have always wished; try on the social shower and invite your neighbour to join you; make part of the city users!”

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Title: ‘Brothers in Benches’ I was asked to take part in a residence program in down-town Johannesburg (Maboneng). The aim of the project was to solve issues within the city in a creative way; to come up with innovative ideas and solutions that positively contribute to the community in an artistic way. I collaborated with Sam, a local informal upholstery coach maker. We developed 6 interchangeable movable benches that are made out of reclaimed wooden pallets. The benches were designed so they all interlock with one another as part of one singular structure. We placed them around down-town JHB at various locations and are intended for the public to engage with. Special thanks to Native VML for supporting the project.

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Silo’s in Vancouver harbor, Canada by Brazilian street artist duo Os Gemeos. 2014

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Four giant plywood birds enjoy the view in Copenhagen.

Images | Rasmus Hjortshoej

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Largo do Chiado, Lisboa, Portugal 

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Market East Station, Philadelphia

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Mosaic del Pla de l’Os  - Barcelona, Spain.

 Miro brings whimsy to the plaza

Simple. Say Something Nice. 

Seoul S. Korea

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The Cascade

A park that acts as a staircase or a staircase that acts as a park?

The Cascade is the manifestation of Hong Kong’s malleable relationship with its existing physical terrain. Its creators, Edge Design Institute, describe The Cascade as “an artificial landscape that responds to the unique topography of the site: a cascade of steps that creates a public thoroughfare and generates potentials for a delicately- scaled public space that have often been overlooked.”

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This floating platform offers glimpses of London’s canal-side wildlife

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You know Where. @Streets of Lisbon.

Heidelberg Project - Detroit, USA

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